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Want to quit smoking for good?

The Vapor Company has a wide range of starter kits and e-liquid. Our staff is educated and knows what will work the best to help you kick the habit for good! 

Vaping enthusiast

The Vapor Company strives to have all the newest authentic Mods and Eliquid.  With mods like the Hex ohm, Avid Lyfe, and Kennedy, we cater towards everyone in the vape scene. 

More affordable than you think.

With a large selection of starter devices and mods, we will get you set up no matter what your budget is. We have very competitive pricing on all mods and juice. 

Tailored to the customer.

The Vapor Company Wants to make every customer happy. If we don't have a product that you want we can get it for you. 

Starter Kits

Intermediate Mods to start vaping with.


Premium, House, and Name Brand E-Liquid

Un-regulated to High Wattage Mods

Mechanical, Un-Regulated, and Regulated
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